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How to Use

Are you suffering mentally and physically from erection problems? And, seeking some concrete ways to fix your issues? If yes, you are certainly at the right place and Vacurect is the answer to all your problems. First of all, we would like to appreciate you for actually recognizing this as a problem and looking out for a solution. Usually, many men shy away and refrain from addressing their erection problems. You do not have to be afraid of anything as you are not getting into an invasive procedure to deal with the erection inability. In fact, Vacurect is a completely simple and reliable method to deal with ED and related inefficiencies. 

What is Vacurect?

Vacurect is a US FDA-approved penis pump for ED and regular erection problems. This pump comes as an entirely safe temporary treatment for men with erection inability. It is controlled manually and is attached to the tube that covers the penis to prepare it for a hard-on. This device contains a ring as well that holds the base of the penis when it is erect and facilitates it to maintain the erection for at least 30 minutes. Our penis pump is made with the highest quality material and has been proven to play its purpose appropriately. However, the user should understand the usage properly beforehand. Read why Vacurect is the best penis pump.

Get Familiar With the Parts of Our Penis Pump

Although penis pump is a widely used device for the erectile dysfunction scenario increasing with each passing day.

But still, getting in-depth with the constituents of Vacurect is very necessary and one of the basic tasks to perform before starting using this device. Learning about the parts of the Vacurect device is something we would highly
recommend to you. So, let’s get started-

  • Pumping Chamber or Cylinder- This is where you will insert your penis and it is available in different sizes to accommodate the distinct penises. 
  • Hand Pump- This is the pump that you will be pumping to make all the suction process happen and get benefit from the vacuum-like situation created. 
  • Constriction Ring- This is a special part of the whole device that acts as a sealing power. With a tight grip of this constriction ring, your penis can stay erect for up to 30 minutes. 
  • Tube- A tube is very important during the pumping in order to transport the air and it is very flexible in nature. 

So, What Happens Exactly?

The erection problem is fixed with a not-so-complex method with the help of our extensively manufactured device. Vacurect is a vacuum erectile pump for ED that creates a vacuum-like situation inside the cylinder. This scenario enhances the blood flow in the penis and enables it to swell or get hard. This is just like a natural simulation with the help of a device. Then, the erection is locked with a ring around the circumference.

This phenomenon can last up to 30 minutes and beyond that, we do not recommend keeping that constriction ring around the penis. You can have a great session with an erect penis for up to 30 minutes. Vacurect is a medically recognized device, but can also be used as a masturbator sex toy. You can pump your penis all up for good masturbation round or simply for a real deal of a sex session- The choice is yours. 

Steps To Use Our Device Properly

  • First things first, we at Vacurect recommend you to go through the instruction manual thoroughly before using the pump. Befriend the parts of the pump alongside while you read the manual and stick to it if you find any step confusing. Read our guide on how to use Vacurect effectively.
  • You can get your penis all ready by shaving your pubic hair. Now, this step is totally optional, but you can save your hair from getting caught in the tube while being vacuumed. 
  • Usage of lubricant is additional but can be comforting for many users. The lubricant is to be applied at the opening of the pump for ease of insertion. 
  • Once the lube is applied, now is the time for you to place your penis into the tube. The size of the tube many varies as per the size and girth of your penis. 
  • After that, you need to firmly press the base of the pump and create a tight seal around the skin of your penis and the pump. 
  • Before moving further with the squeezing of the bulb, make sure your penis adjusts with the pressure change properly. 
  • Now, you can go for your action, and immediately after, you can release the vacuum by deflating. Make sure to remove your penis safely. 

This is how you can make the most of an efficient penis pump for erectile dysfunction and related issues.

Remember, it is never too late to find a solution and deal with your manhood issues. For further information, connect with us and let our team guide you.