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Smoking Can Kill Your Love Life

Smoking Can Kill Your Love Life

Smoking Can Kill Your Love life


It is pretty impossible not to be aware that smoking is bad for our health. The risk of lung cancer, chronic lung disease, heart disease and more which come with lung cancer are all too well known. But would it make you more likely to quit if you learned it could affect your abilities in the bedroom, regardless of your sex?


There is a good evidence that smoking can have a seriously negative effects on your sex life causing anything from a lack of sex drive to impotence.


It is also responsible for several sexual problems not only in men but also in women who smoke on a regular basis.




*Effects Of Smoking Related To Sexual Problems In Men:


Chemical in tobacco can mess with the blood flow which cause erectile problems, impotency and erectile dysfunction problems.


Both smoking and erectile dysfunction problems have often been associated individually with plaque buildup in the arteries, called Atherosclerosis.


The plaque obstructs blood flow through vessels causing a host of circulatory problems throughout the body such as erectile dysfunction.


Let’s talk about the decreased sexual desires in men due to smoking as well as erection difficulties during sexual intercourse.


  • Men who smoked more than 20 cigarettes daily had a 60% higher risk of erectile dysfunction problems compared to men who never smo


  • On the other hand 30% smokers who currently and formerly smoked were more likely to suffer from Impotenc


  • Among men who had never smoked, 12% had erection problems.


In men, smoking has been linked to a change in the shape and function of sperm, meaning it’s harder for the sperm to reach the ovaries. For men, smoking is associated with a decreased volume of semen, sperm count and a lower percentage of motile sperm.


Erections sufficient for sex depends on arousal and desire, whether you take Erectile dysfunction medications or not. Strife and dissatisfaction in an intimate relationship can have a negative impact on libido, arousal and ultimately erectile function. Anxiety, stress and depression can lead to erectile dysfunction problems also. Relationship counseling is also an option.



Effects Of Smoking Related To Sexual Problems In Women:


Perhaps the most distressing impact smoking can have on your sex life is the effect it can have on your fertility. That is because smoking is linked to harming ovarian production as well as semen production.


Cigarette smoke hinders the ovarian cells function of making estrogen. Smoking also speeds up how quickly women lose eggs and works to increase the speed of infertility.


Once eggs have died, they cannot be replaced i.e., that women who smoke are likely to go through the menopause earlier than non-smokers. Early menopause has been linked to other health problems too such as osteoporosis.



*Smoking Manipulates The Body:


When you inhale the nicotine in cigarettes smoke, the neurotransmitter Dopamine is released in your brain. Dopamine is often called the “feel good” hormone, as it produces feelings of pleasure.


But the effects of nicotine wear off shortly after you smoke. This begins the cycle of cigarette smoking. You want to smoke to feel good, but you will eventually need to smoke greater amounts of cigarettes over time to feel the same effects, also known as developing a tolerance.


There are number of common triggers that compel people to light up. You might notice you really want to smoke.


  1. After eating meal.
  2. After having s
  3. Before you go to
  1. During stressful situations.
  2. While driving.
  3. When you are feeling bor
  4. When you are feeling tir
  5. When you are having strong emotions (anger, happiness or sadness).



Q: What if, a person is not able to perform sexually well in bed?


Sexual performance anxiety often leads to the disappearance of that sparkle in the sex life and men will find it difficult to get aroused.

Basically, sex is not just about physical response but it also involves emotions. The bad performance will lead to issues in the relationship. It will be the killer of your love life. Some people are anxious about the size of penis while some people have phobia of early ejaculation.


  1. Erectile Dysfunction Problems:

An erection is only possible when blood vessels in the penis enlarge and fill with blood. Smoking disrupts blood vessels in that area of the body, meaning the action cannot always happen.


  1. Factors which can improve your love life:



  1. Exercise:

Physical activity especially when combined with a healthy diet can improve erectile function.


  1. Weight:

Losing weight helped to improve erectile function.


  1. Boost Testosterone:


Taking steps to counteract low levels of testosterone, the male sex hormones can improve erectile health to naturally increase testosterone levels, you need to lose weight, reduce stress and exercise regularly.


  1. Reduce smoking and alcohol consumption to prevent erectile dysfunction problems.


  1. Find new alternatives to smoking and activities that can distract you from cigarette cravings such as hobbies to occupy your hands and min


  1. Get support from friends and famil It is ok to admit that you need assistance in overcoming a powerful addiction like smoking.


  1. Talk to your doctor as early as possibl Use some devices which can make your sexual life pleasant and easy. For instance, you can use Penis pumps, ED vacuum pumps also. It can give a boost to your sexual performance and a slight improvement can take your confidence in bed to another level.


After ordering reliable penis pumps you need to practice some simple steps as instructed by your doctor so that you can enjoy your sex and fully satisfy your partner as well.


  1. Use proper medications which are designed to help with smoking cessatio


  1. Lastly, pay attention to your smoking triggers, such as drinking alcohol or coff



*Treatment by Using Vacurect Pump:


Vacurect vacuum pump is a revolutionary erection enhancement system. It is a technology developed by the researchers and certified by US FDA.


The best part is Vacurect vacuum pump is simple, reliable and innovative. It’s natural pumping action and effectiveness is setting new standards.


*How to Use a Penis Pump:


These pumps are temporarily used and they are helpful in an erection for maximum of 30 minutes. If you are facing a problem with the erection due to any other reason, use of penis pumps will equally contribute to the effectiveness of the ED therapies and medicine you are taking.


Now, that we know some detail about ED. So, it is the right time to get in depth about ED pumps.


Vacurect pump is highly useful for increasing the blood in the penis and contributing to the erection. An added ring is there to help the penis to maintain the erection so that you can have a lasting sexual activity.


These pumps are very popular in distinct countries and now it is highly used in India as well.


*Side Effects:


This device has no side effects and will provide you better erection and saves you from frustration in bed after having better sexual intercourse.


*Effectiveness of Penis Pumps:


Proper use of penis pumps with practice and following the manual guide willl surely help you to get an erection easily.


  1. They are less costly .They can be best used by the men who are tired of dealing with arousal problems.
  2. These are non – invasive devices. They are the best solution in comparison of penile injection surgery and inserting medications.
  3. They are not painful as well.

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