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Is Your Boozing Habit Affecting your Performance in Bed?

Is Your Boozing Habit Affecting your Performance in Bed?

You are all loosening up when you are drunk. This is a very common way to be ready for some action. Alcohol can be a love potion in some instances, but in the longer run, it is nothing but a hindrance to a good sexual performance.

It is okay to take a drink or two, but imagine being too sloshed to even do it right in bed? Whatever the case is- you are not supposed to go overboard with alcohol consumption for a sufficient sexual life.

Let’s understand the impact of booze on your sex life in a precise manner.

How Does Alcohol Effects a Female?

Usually, there is a boost in arousal in females, but there is no scientific evidence on this matter. That increase in testosterone levels in females after getting drunk is reported to enhance their sexual desires in them. They feel sexier and more confident. However, in some cases, the drunk women face a decreased genital response. Even for them, the moderate drinking is the key, which gives them a little boast and lets them enjoy in their senses.

It is also seen that orgasms are hard to get when a female is drunk and even if they come by easily, the intensity is very less. So, it is definitely a great idea to have a couple of drinks and enjoy without getting lost.

Alcohol Leads to Some Straightforward Effects in Males

An alcoholic beverage can sometimes helps in male’s ability to get or maintain an erection. A regular drinker is more prone to the permanent damage to the penis and can easily develop erectile dysfunction.

There is a decrease in the blood flow, depression for the central nervous system, and an increase in a hormone called angiotensin (linked with ED) when a man consumes excessive alcohol. The side effects of booze on the penis are quite evident that sometimes it is referred to as the ‘whiskey dick’. This can be a temporary issue, but soon it can take the shape of something serious with regular alcohol consumption.

That lack of motor skills is definitely not good for your sexual life, no matter how relaxing they may seem for your mental health. Your brain might not be able to send that signal for arousal when boozing and erection would be impossible.

More drinking can also lead to a delayed to no ejaculation at all. This might seem a good thing at first, but after a few sexual encounters without
ejaculating will make you irritated. Alcohol increases your chances of taking sexual risks which are not always happening. So, drinking in moderation is the key to saying no to all the problems.

Let’s Burst the Bubble of Common Misconceptions For Alcohol and Sex

One of the most common myths related to a drunk person is that he or she looks hotter. But, in reality, it is all because of the beer goggles, which is an effect that gives mixed results. People, things, and surroundings remain the same, but a drunk person starts looking at them with no judgment and lower inhibitions.

Also, it is a common conception that booze hits females and males differently. But, in reality, how drunk a person can get has nothing to do with their gender.

However, the female body contains less water and they are more likely to be drunk. At the same time, people think drunk people make out in a more happening way. But, this totally varies as per the number of drinks consumed.

Those uncontrolled movements and lack of communication are sometimes not at all fun for certain couples. So, this is totally a varied choice for the people. All in all, if you drink in moderation, then you can enjoy your sexual time properly with a little boost as well.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption To Keep ED At A Bay

Regular alcohol consumption or boozing in excessive amounts can lead to temporary to permanent erectile dysfunction. That impact of boozing on your brain can disturb your erection ability and as a result, you will find it difficult to get a hard-on.

Having sex after getting drunk changes your bedroom action plan and sometimes all the pleasure is lost in such scenarios. Alcohol usually dampens the level of excitement you have for sex and you will end up being horny, but unable to give your best performance in the bed.

If you have an alcohol-dependent lifestyle, then you are more at risk of getting a permanent erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other related issues.

How to Create a Nice Balance between Boozing and Sex?

The right balance between enjoying sex and boozing is achieved when you learn to drink in moderation. In addition, you start regular therapy for your penis and boost its performance.

You definitely do not require any medicine, but you can surely use a Vacurect penis pump to prepare your dick for better performance. This way you can enjoy nice sexual time and too without skimping on your boozing fun.

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