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How common is Erectile Dysfunction in Indian Men?

How common is Erectile Dysfunction in Indian Men?

India’s taboo and shyness have been putting people at risk for ages. Yes, talking about sexual health seems like a crime in India. This stigma is both for males and females. A lot of matters are left unattended and unspoken just because of the unnecessary taboo. The problems that can be treated are never discussed and people often end up with uncontrollable situations. Today we will talk about how India is becoming impotence capital globally. It is a sad reality that ED i.e., Erectile Dysfunction is quite common in Indian men. Women are also suffering as their sexual life is unsatisfactory when their partners are not able to maintain the penile erection. This is a matter of concern and should be addressed urgently instead of being ignored.

If you are facing trouble in getting or maintaining an erection quite often, then seeing a doctor is mandatory for you. Erectile dysfunction can also reduce your desire to have sex and this is a high time to keep things in check. More often men find it hard to go to a doctor and explain their private problems. Well, we have a solution for you to avoid such a situation. We are talking about a real-time fix known as Vacurect. Yes, our appropriately designed and developed vacuum pump can help you get an erection and maintain it for a good sexual encounter. This is also helpful in dealing with premature ejaculation. Stop feeling embarrassed and get a solid fix to enhance your performance in bed. Fret not, we are here to help you in the best possible way.


What are the main causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Well, it is no surprise that male arousal is a complex thing that happens. There is the active involvement of different parts of the male body. Firstly, it’s the eyes that witness something and sends a signal to the brain.

Diabetes and heart issues

From brain then pass on the arousal to the hormones and emotions get triggered. Lastly, the blood vessels react to the signals and the erection happens. But this all happens very quickly if the body is functioning fine. However, men who are dealing with mental health, diabetes, heart issues, and other issues, then they are more prone to the ED. The combination of physical as well as psychological problems leads to erectile dysfunction in various cases. Some men simply create a problem in their heads because of performance anxiety. Even, low testosterone levels also create various problems in sexual health. Alcohol is also considered a common reason for bad bed performance by Indian men.



Top risks to the health of men leading to ED

Earlier old age was considered the culprit of erectile dysfunction. However, now ED is seen in men below 40 years of age. This is happening because of poor diet, bad lifestyle, and degrading surroundings. Medicines are a significant part of Indian lives. Some of them cure the diseases temporarily and lead to sexual impotency or disrupt the performance in bed. The consumption of tobacco is pretty high in India which restricts the blood flow to the arteries and veins. Over-consumption of tobacco leads to significant health problems and even erectile dysfunction. Another risk is obesity, which disturbs sexual performance and lowers the drive in many men. Being a drug addict or alcoholic can cause a problem in erection and eventually, make it chronic in the form of ED. Nowadays depression and anxiety are increasing at a high rate in India, which is another cause leading to unsatisfied sexual life. All in all, these risks should be taken care of, and skimping is never a healthy way out.


Prevention is better than cure in case of ED as well


Say no to drugs

 Making some healthy changes in your lifestyle will reduce the impact of erectile dysfunction. We highly recommend our customers to use Vacurect while making some changes in their lifestyle. This way they can speed up the process of getting easy erections and maintaining them for a good performance in bed. If you have any chronic condition, then never skip visiting your doctor at regular intervals. You need to keep your health in check while dealing with any health issue like- heart disease, high Bp, or diabetes. Regular screening tests will let you see whether the pump you are using and the healthy changes you made were helpful enough or not. Quit smoking and avoid alcohol if possible. By avoiding any kind of drug, you can lead a healthy life and you will witness significant changes in your sexual health. Exercising regularly and reducing that stress to let your brain get those arousal signals in a better way. Do not shy away from seeking medical help for any kind of mental health issue.


Your women can help you cope with ED more confidently


Yes, we know how harsh it may be for you to hear “your performance was not good enough” from your partner. But, instead of ruining your relationship because of a bad sexual experience, you should talk it about with your partner. If you are a lady reading this and dealing with such a problem with your partner, then try to be supportive. This could be a really bad phase for your man and only you can boost his confidence. You need to facilitate them to overcome this issue by constantly talking to them and helping them overcome any performance anxiety. Support them in using a vacuum pump for the penis to improve their sexual performance. You can also advise them to combine Vacurect with the therapy. If your partner is at risk of any of above-stated problems, then also you need to help them deal with them. This is how slowly and steadily you can improve your sexual life that too without causing any harm to your partner’s health.


Trust us, this is the best solution that you can opt for. Feel free to reach us to know more about Vacurect and our executives will guide you. Many Indians are using the vacuum pump and making the most of it for improving their sexual performance. So, you should too. Reach out today!


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