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Erectile Issues? You Might Need to Understand the Not-So Common Psychological Concerns

Erectile Issues? You Might Need to Understand the Not-So Common Psychological Concerns

When there is a mention of erectile dysfunction- The image of an old man appears in front of us. But, gone are those days when only elderly men faced problems with erection; nowadays even men under 40 are dealing with the same problem.

Now, what is the main cause?
Who is to be blamed?

Well, bad psychological health is the reason. No matter how healthy are you physically, but if your mental health doesn’t align- you are on the verge of many problems. This is the explanation for a 30-year old man having erectile issues despite being perfectly healthy. So, let’s understand how psychology is a major factor in having a great sex life.

What is the Most Less Discussed Psychological Cause of Erection Issues?

It is quite often to say that stress can lead to erection issues. But, no one really tries to dig deeper and think about the past traumas they might have faced. Yes, we are referring to childhood trauma or child abuse. This aspect is highly neglected and underestimated in India.

It can include anything from sexual harassment to mistreatment by peers, and from distinct discriminations to a plethora of negative experiences. These encounters often leave a deep wound on the soul of the victim and they carry the baggage for a long time or sometimes, even for a lifetime.

This is why such people face difficulty in their sexual life and have sexuality in a different way. The only way to deal with such a problem is to talk it out with an expert and combine it with the pumping therapies.

Let’s Talk About Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Lack of physical stimulation, i.e. reflexive ED, nocturnal (which happens during sleep), psychogenic (from the mental images) and psychological impotence are the main types of erection issues that men face.

People often address the erection issues from all perspectives, but refrain from digging deeper into the psychological factors associated with this problem. Unlike physical impotence, psychological impotence is the result of the issues like- depression, low body image, stress, anxiety, sleep disorders.

These factors are highly contributing to erectile dysfunction. In simple language, if you are finding it difficult to get an erection or to maintain it once- with the psychological concerns the problem gets even more triggered.

Is Sexual Performance Anxiety a Real Problem?

Sex is supposed to be a fun time, but nowadays people are worried to satisfy their partner. This anxious mindset often takes the shape of a real problem known as sexual performance anxiety. This issue leads to the disappearance of that sparkle in the sex life and men find it difficult to get aroused.

People who deal with such a problem must know sex is not just about physical response but it also involves emotions. In order to get excited, you need to keep that unnecessary stress of pleasing your partner away. We are not saying do not focus on giving a good time to your partner, but avoid being worried about it.

The most common worries that such people face are-

  • A constant fear that your partner will be not be satisfied sexually.
  • Body image complex when you are not so fit.
  • The bad performance will lead to issues in the relationship.
  • Early ejaculating is also a phobia for many.
  • Being anxious about having no orgasm at all.
  • About the size of the penis.

These worrisome thoughts will give rise to stress hormones and getting an erection would be even harder than normal. To avoid such a situation, first, learn how to be open about it with your partner.

Remember, you can always have intimacy with your partner without getting into sexual intercourse. Musical distractions do wonders in such cases and playing a nice song in a romantic mood with your partner is a great idea. Lastly, opting for a penis pump can give a boost to your sexual performance and a slight improvement can take your confidence in bed to another level. So, what are you waiting for? All you need is to practice some simple steps along with the ordering of a reliable penis pump and you will be all set for a happening night.

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