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Are Penis Pumps a Temporary or Permanent Solution for ED?

Are Penis Pumps a Temporary or Permanent Solution for ED?

A vacuum pump for the penis is a serious treatment, not just a fun alliteration. These pumps are becoming renowned as useful devices with the increase in cases of impotence around the globe. In fact, penis pumps are now highly used in India and have been around for almost two decades. Although with the extensive use, there are still many myths related to the worthiness of these pumps. This can be fully cleared while picking up a branded and FDA-approved penis pump that does not claim any false results. The penis pump is a temporary and one of the most effective solutions for erection issues. This is the claim of the Vacurect and it is not considered as a device for penis enlargement or a permanent fix for erectile dysfunction.

How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Keeping an eye on your health can affect your sexual well-being too. Well, overweight men are often troubled by erectile dysfunction, whereas the fit ones do not end up with such ailments. Usually, high cholesterol levels and diabetes are the culprits that lead to erectile dysfunction and those extra pounds are to be blamed. So, maintaining good health can keep the erectile dysfunction at a bay in most cases.
  • Quit smoking is often the first piece of advice that any physician can give when you are facing problems with the erection. The chances of developing ED become twice likely for the men who smoke. In fact, smoking not just disturbs your oral health, but also leaves a remarkable impact on your sex life. Smoking is harmful, but alcohol is not so good either. With continuous consumption, alcohol can dampen your libido and makes it difficult for you to achieve an erection. So, cutting down or quitting the drinking habit can probably save you from ED.
  • Keep the track of those falling testosterone levels, especially if you are crossing 30s. This drop can affect your sexual life very badly and your sex drive will reduce for sure. This might take away your ability to get an erection. So, before this happens make sure to take the food that helps to increase the testosterone levels. Also, avoid those synthetic anabolic steroids and try out natural methods of bodybuilding.

Precautions to Take While Using a Penis Pump

  • Shaving the pubes is one of the recommended precautions before using the pump, especially the ring. Unruly bush helps the ring get a better seal around your penis skin and there will be no chances of hair getting caught in the ring, which can be quite a painful experience.
  • Leaving the ring on the penis for more than 30 minutes can cause damage. Stopping blood flow in the penis for a long period is not at all healthy. So, it is ideal to remove constriction rings before 30 minutes. In any case, getting to maintain a 30-minute erection is a great time frame for sexual pleasure.
  • Do not think of the use of a penis pump as a self-explanatory process. Instead, prefer using the instruction manual that comes with the device. This will help you to avoid going wrong with the usage and any concerning issue can be avoided.
  • Applying the lube on the hand as well as the shaft of the penis can make the ring create an airtight seal. Also, the lube can deal with the dryness of the penis and make the ring movement easier and pain-free. This also makes the whole process of masturbation or sex more pleasurable.
  • Using it multiple times in a day is completely safe, but following the complete instruction, every time is necessary to have safe and enjoyable sex.

These precautions can take your sexual pleasure with the penis pump to a whole new level.

Steps to Use a Penis Pump

  • First things first, make sure you are familiar with the layout of the penis pump. From the tube to the rings- you should understand the whole structure and procedure before starting the real process. Although it is a simple device, but understanding its functioning is very important to avoid going wrong with it.
  • It is very important to prepare your penis for the pump. The best thing you can do is to take a hot bath that will allow your penis muscles to relax.
  • Applying the lube to the pump tube as well as the penis is quite helpful and pleasurable.
  • After that, slide your penis into the pump tube and go slow to avoid pinching the head of your organ.
  • Once it's inside, now the time is to pump it and create a vacuum. As you will squeeze the bulb, your penis will grow.
  • Using the suction will help the erection even more and use a ring to hold that rigidity.

This is how your penis would be ready for intense sexual pleasure without disappointing you and your partner. To know more contact Vacurect and double your sexual pleasure with the right penis pump.

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