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Are Penis Pumps a Temporary or Permanent Solution for Erectile Dysfunction?

Are Penis Pumps a Temporary or Permanent Solution for Erectile Dysfunction?

Are you looking for the best treatment option for erectile dysfunction? Are you confused if penis pumps offer a permanent solution to the problem? Find answers to all such questions in this blog as we talk about erectile dysfunction and penis pumps as its treatment option.

Erectile dysfunction - Understanding the Problem

Erectile Dysfunction is an uncommon topic of discussion in society but is a very common occurrence among men. Millions of men have erectile dysfunction, and their lack of awareness regarding its treatment options leads them to an unsatisfied sexual life.

Quick Definition of Erectile Dysfunction - 

‘The inability to get or hold an erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse.’

It is important to understand that the ability of men to get erections deteriorates with time. And this may add a scope of uncertainty about whether you actually have erectile dysfunction or it's a temporary thing.

The best way to be certain about it is to consult a medical expert for this. But it may take you some time to overcome the social stigma or embarrassment before you decide to go to a clinic. And if that’s the case, there’s an alternative way to identify it. 

Ask this question to yourself - “Am I embarrassed to accept that I suffer from Erectile Dysfunction?”

Even if your answer is slightly inclined towards a yes, you should start exploring the treatment options for erectile dysfunction and using a penis pump is one of the best solutions. 

What is a Penis Pump?

Vacurect OTC

A penis pump, also known as a vacuum erection device, is a non-invasive tool designed to help men achieve and maintain an erection suitable for sexual intercourse. 

It is among the most preferred treatments for Erectile Dysfunction as it involves no surgical application on the body and offers a better alternative to pills.

As per a 2018 review published in the Journal of Urology, 6 different studies confirmed that men using penis pumps for erectile dysfunction reported 80% satisfaction rates.

Not only this, an article posted on WebMD also confirms that up to 50-80% people are satisfied using penis pumps. 

Vacurect VED is one of the best and most trusted FDA approved penis pumps that you can choose for Erectile Dysfunction. Let’s discuss more about Penis Pump and how it works.

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The Structure of a Penis Pump - Vacurect VED

A Penis Pump consists of three main components: a plastic tube, a pump, and a constriction ring.

The plastic tube is designed to cover the penis. Attached to this tube is a pump, which can be either manually or battery-operated, used to create a vacuum around the penis. Finally, the constriction ring, also known as a tension ring, is placed around the base of the penis to maintain the erection once the tube is removed. This combination of vacuum pressure and constriction helps to draw blood into the penis, facilitating an erection.

While primarily recommended for men with ED, penis pumps are available without a prescription and can be found in various settings. However, for therapeutic use, especially in the context of ED, obtaining a penis pump from a certified and trusted provider is advisable to ensure it is suitable and safe for the individual’s specific health needs. And Vacurect VED is the right choice for anyone looking for a penis pump.

How Does Vacurect Penis Pump Work?

The functionality of a penis pump revolves around the principles of vacuum pressure and restricted blood flow. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:

Preparation: The penis is placed inside the plastic tube, ensuring a snug fit at the base to create an effective seal.

Creating a Vacuum: The pump, which is attached to the tube, is then activated. As the pump operates, it expels air from within the tube, creating a vacuum environment around the penis. This drop in pressure causes blood to flow into the penis, leading to an erection.

Maintaining the Erection: Once a satisfactory erection is achieved, the constriction ring is slid down from the base of the tube to the base of the penis. This ring prevents the blood from flowing back out of the penis, thereby maintaining the erection.

Intercourse Readiness: With the ring in place, the erection can be maintained for a duration sufficient for sexual intercourse. The ring should not be left on for more than 30 minutes to avoid potential damage or adverse effects due to prolonged restriction of blood flow.

Release: After intercourse or the completion of the use of the pump, the ring is removed, allowing blood to flow out of the penis and the erection to subside naturally.

Alright, now the question is, do penis pumps actually work? Is it a permanent solution for Erectile Dysfunction?

Let’s find out.

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Do Penis Pumps Actually Help in Erection?

Penis pumps are widely recognized as an effective solution for achieving and maintaining an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse, especially among men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Clinical studies and user reports attest to the effectiveness of these devices in creating a vacuum that facilitates blood flow to the penis, thus producing an erection. 

When used according to the manufacturer's guidelines and under medical advice, penis pumps can significantly enhance the quality of an individual’s sexual life. It's important to emphasize the necessity of choosing a branded and FDA-approved penis erection pump like Vacurect VED, to ensure the best results. Selecting a device that has been rigorously tested and certified can provide users with confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the product.

The success rate of penis pumps in treating ED is considerable. For many users, these devices are a reliable method to obtain an erection on demand. Even many health organisations like the American Urological Association acknowledge vacuum erection devices (VEDs) as a viable and effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction. The immediacy with which they can produce an erection, coupled with the non-invasive nature of the therapy, makes them particularly appealing to those who prefer to avoid medication or surgery. 

So how does one use a penis pump? Is there any specific way to achieve the best results?

Steps to use Vacurect VED Penis Pump

Though penis pumps are relatively straightforward in design, a good grasp of their function can prevent misuse and ensure the device serves its purpose without causing discomfort or injury.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Vacurect VED penis pump properly:

  • Understand the Device: Before using the penis pump for the first time, take a moment to examine it closely. Identify the tube, the pump (or bulb), and the constriction rings. Knowing how these elements interact will make the process smoother and more effective.
  • Prepare Your Penis: Preparing your penis for the pump is a vital step. A warm bath can be exceptionally beneficial as it relaxes the muscles and tissues of the penis, making it more receptive to the vacuum effect. This relaxation facilitates easier blood flow, which is crucial for forming an erection.
  • Apply Lubricant: Generously apply a water-based lubricant to both the interior of the pump tube and your penis. It not only makes insertion more comfortable but also helps create a better seal between your skin and the tube, enhancing the vacuum effect.
  • Insert Your Penis: Carefully insert your penis into the pump tube. Ensure you do this slowly to avoid any pinching or discomfort, especially at the sensitive tip of the penis. A relaxed and lubed entry is key to a pain-free experience.
  • Create a Vacuum: Now, begin to pump the device. Each squeeze of the bulb removes air from the tube, increasing the internal vacuum. It, in turn, draws blood into the penis, encouraging an erection. Continue pumping until you achieve a firm erection, but always be mindful to avoid over-pumping, which can lead to bruising or other injuries.
  • Use the Suction Wisely: The vacuum created by the pump should make your penis erect. At this stage, monitoring the pressure is crucial—too much suction can cause damage, while too little might not be effective enough.
  • Secure the Erection with a Ring: Once you have achieved an erection, quickly slide a constriction ring down to the base of your penis. This ring is designed to hold the blood within your penis, maintaining the erection. It should be snug but not painfully tight, and it’s important not to leave it on for more than 30 minutes to avoid potential damage or discomfort.

It is also essential to take precautionary measures before using a penis pump to ensure there is no harm caused to your health.

Necessary Precautions for Using a Penis Pump

It's essential to approach the use of a penis pump with care to avoid injury or negative side effects. Here are some crucial precautions to consider before and while using a penis pump to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Shave Pubic Hair: It's advisable to trim or shave your pubic hair before using the penis pump, especially around the base where the ring will sit. It not only facilitates a better seal against the skin, making the vacuum more effective, but also prevents the painful pulling of hair when the ring is moved or removed.
  • Monitor Time Carefully: Never leave the constriction ring in place for more than 30 minutes. Prolonged restriction of blood flow can lead to tissue damage or other serious complications. Aiming to remove the ring within 30 minutes aligns well with a healthy timeframe for sexual intercourse or masturbation, minimizing the risk of harm.
  • Read the Instruction Manual: Always refer to the instruction manual that comes with your penis pump. Each device may have specific operating instructions or precautions, and familiarizing yourself with these can prevent misuse or injury. Understanding the device’s particulars ensures a safer and more effective operation.
  • Use Lubricant Generously: Applying a water-based lubricant not only on the penis but also on your hands and the shaft of the penis pump can greatly enhance comfort. The lubricant helps in creating an airtight seal, facilitates smooth movement of the ring, and prevents skin irritation or dryness. Moreover, it can make the entire experience more pleasurable, whether you're engaging in sexual activity alone or with a partner.
  • Frequency of Use: While using the penis pump multiple times a day is generally considered safe, it's imperative to follow all instructions and precautions every single time. This consistent adherence to safety guidelines ensures that each use is both enjoyable and free from harm.

Now, there must be one last question you need an answer to. And it is - Do penis pumps offer a permanent solution for Erectile Dsyfunction?

Is It a Permanent Solution for Erectile Dysfunction?

While penis pumps are effective in managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, they do not cure the underlying causes of ED. The efficacy of a penis pump is largely situational and temporary. It provides a mechanical means to achieve an erection but does not address physiological issues that may be inhibiting natural erections.

Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or psychological factors like stress and anxiety can contribute to ED. A penis pump does not alleviate these underlying conditions. Therefore, it is best to view the use of a penis pump as a temporary solution or aid in managing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

Choose Vacurect VED - FDA Approved Penis Pump


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Opting for a branded and FDA-approved penis pump is essential to ensure the highest standards of safety and efficacy. This choice guarantees that the product has undergone rigorous testing and quality control, offering peace of mind and reliable performance for users. 

Vacurect VED is an FDA approved erection device trusted by thousands of men as the best treatment option for Erectile Dysfunction. Its practical design allows you to gain erection in 60 seconds and the certified quality guarantees effective results without any health compromises. 

For a more permanent solution, it is crucial to address the root causes of ED, which may involve lifestyle changes, medication, therapy, or medical procedures targeted at the underlying health issues.

Consulting with a healthcare provider can help identify the most appropriate course of action, which may include the use of a penis pump as part of a broader treatment plan.

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