Vacurect is a US FDA recommended an effective, compelling and elegantly designed vacuum constriction device to deal with erection problems and early discharge. It is clinically tested, safe and reliable product for safety and allows you to experience sexual intercourse without any interference. It is a single-piece device without any attachments like tube or pump.

How to check Vacurect Authenticity?

Don’t be misled by the fake and ineffective vacuum pumps available, as its highly unsafe and risky for the organ.

How Can I Beware of Frauds?

The two most important factors one must check before buying Vacurect are :

  1. The hologram at the time of purchase.
  2. Buy the product only from Vacurect Shop or the authorized distributors mentioned on the website.


Yes Indeed! The product carries a hologram on the packaging. It’s the sign that will ensure the authenticity of the product.