Vacurect Usage Steps


Vacurect is used by men experiencing Erectile dysfunction/Impotency and having difficulty to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse. You can find below the Vacurect Erectile Dysfunction vacuum pump demonstration Video.

Vacurect is considered the best solution for Erectile Dysfunction/Impotency problems and is widely prescribed by physicians and sexologists all the world over. Furthermore, it’s proven to be immensely successful in helping partners reignite their passion and enjoy the pleasures of a healthy sexual life. So get your Vacurect and take a step towards curing Erectile Dysfunction & impotency Problems for good.

Why Use Vacurect?

Vacurect is found to be the only solution for better erection and to treat impotency because it has NO SIDE EFFECTS.Moreover, the causes of impotency or erectile dysfunction are varied and treatment options include only medication, surgery and vacuum pump therapy. Although relatively unknown, vacuum pump therapy enjoys increasing popularity and is now considered by many medical specialists as the first line of treatment for ED. Vacuum pump therapy is a very effective and affordable method for treatment of impotency or erectile dysfunction. In many cases vacuum pump therapy is the only treatment available to men who do not want to or simply cannot use the medication or employ even more invasive surgical measures. To watch the erectile dysfunction vacuum pump demonstration video, click on the ‘Watch Demo Video‘ button.

Step1 :

Vacurect vacuum Device for erectile dysfunction

Firstly, Attach the tension ring onto the vacuum pump device by pressing firmly.

Step2 :

Vacurect vacuum device for Erectile dysfunctionVacurect vacuum device for erectile dysfunction

Apply a dime size amount of lubricant to the opening of the tension ring and organ. BOTH

Step3 :

Vacurect demonstration for Erectile Dysfunction

Now place the vacuum pump tube with the lubricated ring over the penis and press it firmly against your body at the base of the penis. Then begin pumping by using full and brisk strokes for maximum efficiency.

When an erection is achieved, keep the vacuum pump tube in place to maintain the erection for at least 1 minute.

Step 4 :

At last when the erection is achieved, remove the vacuum pump device from the tension ring, leaving the tension ring in place at the base of the penis. Consequently repeat Step 3 – ten to fifteen times, or as prescribed by your physician.


Vacurect is a US FDA approved vacuum pump device used to deal with erectile dysfunction problems and early discharge. It is clinically tested and safe product which guarantees sexual intercourse without any interference. Above all, it is a single-piece device without any attachments like tube or vacuum pump. Watch the Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum Pump Demonstration Video to get better insights on the usage.

Vacurect – Erectile Dysfunction Vacuum pump demonstration Video

Vacuum pump demonstration Video in Hindi

Vacuum pump demonstration Video in English

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