Rs 13200.00 (Inclusive of GST )

100% Natural & Safe ED treatment
US FDA Certified OTC Device
Get Erection in Just 60 Seconds
Discreet Packing & Delivery

Vacurect OTC Silver Erection Device Comprises:

  • 1 bottle of lubricant (no flavour) 50 ml
  • Vaurect FDA Approved Device 
  • 10 reusable tension rings of different sizes
  • Convenient carry bag with user manual
  • Pure silicon system oil (for maintainance of pump)
  • 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty


Revolutionary erection ED enhancement system Suitable for men of all age groups No side-effects Easy to use Sustainable with a life span of (10-15years) An OTC product (NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED) Extremely helpful for people having BP, Diabetes or other physical or psychological causes leading to ED. Suitable for erection problems as well as premature ejaculation (Shighrapatan).