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What is Erectile Dysfunction? Causes, Treatment & How to Cure it Naturally.

What is Erectile Dysfunction? Causes, Treatment & How to Cure it Naturally.

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction in males which involves an alteration of any of the constituent of the erectile response which includes organic, rational, and psychological factors.

Q: How does erectile dysfunction affect on man’s life?

Erectile dysfunction can have harmful effects on the quality of a man’s life. The most important worst effects are:

  1. It triggers anxiety and symptoms of depression and guilt during sexual intercourse.
  2. Secondly, it produces adverse effects on the partner’s sexual experience and the quality of a couple’s life is also compromised.
  3. Although erectile dysfunction is not a lethal condition it is an inability to achieve or maintain an erection that is enough for proper sexual activity.

*Aspects Of The Male Erection:

There are two types of male erection.

  1. The reflex erection.
  2. Psychogenic erection.



A: This erection is under the control of peripheral nerves and the lower parts of the spinal cord are also involved. By direct touching of the penile shaft, it can be easily achieved.

B: This erection uses the limbic system of the brain. Erotic or emotional stimuli are helpful for its achievement.

International index of erectile function. It is an index in which Erectile dysfunction is described as mild, moderate, and severe according to 5 item.


  1. With a score of 1-7 indicating Severe.
  2. With a score of 8-11 indicating moderate.
  3. With a score of 12-16 indicating mild to moderate.
  4. With a score of 17-21 indicating mild.
  5. With a score of 22-25 showing no Erectile Dysfunction.


*Aetiology Of Erectile Dysfunction:

In the past, Erectile Dysfunction was considered the psychogenic disorder but nowadays,80-90% of cases have an organic etiology.

Organic erectile dysfunction is broadly divided into endocrine and non-endocrine causes.


1: Non-Endocrine Aetiologies:

  1. Vasculogenic (affecting blood supply).
  2. Neurogenic ( affecting nervous functions).
  3. Iatrogenic (related to medical or surgical treatment).

2: Endocrine Aetiologies:

  1. Most commonly psychological components are involved in Erectile Dysfunction which produces negative effects on mood, interpersonal relationships, and quality of Life.
  2. Reduced serum testosterone levels lead to Erectile Dysfunction.


1- Organic:

  1. Poor response.
  2. Often progressive.
  3. Gradual onset.
  4. Erection better in standing position than lying down.

2- Psychogenic:

  1. Excellent nocturnal erection.
  2. Sudden onsets.
  3. Intermittent functions(variability, situational).
  4. Loss of sustaining capability.



A: Medical Treatment:

Various medications are associated with Erectile Dysfunction treatment.

  1. Hypertensive It involves thiazide diuretics and B- blockers and spironolactone.
  2. Anti ulcer drugs.
  3. Opiates and digoxin.
  4. Anti androgens and psychotherapeutics have also been linked with the Erectile Dysfunction treatment and also treat prostate cancer.
  5. Chlorthalidane (a diuretic drug) is also helpful for the early treatment of erectile 6-Tricyclic anti depressants,benzodiazepines,anti psychotics,  and phenytoin are used to treat depression and erectile


B: Treatment By Using Vacurect:

Vacurect pump os a revolutionary erection enhancement system.It is a technology developed by the researchers and certified by IS FDA.


Q.How to use a penis pump?

These pumps are temporarily used and they are helpful in an erection for

maximum 30 F you are facing a problem with the erection due to any other reason,use of a penis pump will equally contribute to the effy of Erectile Dysfunction therapies snd medicine you are taking.

Vacurect pump is highly useful for increasing the blood in the penis and contributing to the erection.An added ring is there to help the penis to maintain the erection so that you can have a lasting sexual activity.

These pumps are very popular in distinct countries and used in India as well. They are simple, innovative and reliable.


*Other Treatment Methods:

  1. Stem cell therapy: It involves yhe injection of your stem cell in your penis.
  2. Platelet rich plasma method.
  3. Vascular stunt.
  4. Penile transplant.
  5. Shockwave therapy.



By trying these tips and tricks you can easily overcome erectile dysfunction for your better sex life and health.


1:Muscular Activity

Pelvic muscles are playing an important role in erection.Strong pelvic floor not only increases rigidity during erections but it also helps to keep the blood from leaving the penis by pressing on a key vein.


2:Life style changes

  1. Quit smoking.
  2. Limiting alcohol.
  3. Healthy d-Reduced obesity to prevent the risk of vascular diseases and diabetes.


3: Vascular health maintenance

Check with your doctor about your vascular health like maintaining blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol level and high triglycerides level to prevent the damage to arteries of heart( causing heart attack), in the brain (causing stroke), in the penis (causing Erectile dysfunction).


4: Walk

30 minutes of walking a day are related to a 41% drop in the risk of erectile dysfunction. Moderate exercise on regular basis can also improve your sexual performance.


5: Diet 

Eating a diet rich in natural foods like fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains is also helpful to cure erectile dysfunction. The use of less processed meat and refined grains are an asset for the cure of erectile dysfunction.

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