Frequently Asked Questions

If I am under Medication

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If I am Diabetic

Erectile dysfunction is common with patients with diabetes and they can use the device safely and without worries. Many Doctors worldwide have recommended Vacurect, as Pills are not recommended for Diabetic Patients and other treatments are expensive

If I have Prostate issues

are you already operated for Prostate - then this is the best device your Doc will advice you. Solves 2 purpose 1) get your sex life back, by providing erection 2) used as a Penis Excerciser, very very imp post Prostrate Surgery

What if the pills don't work

Read the Solution page, look at the various options avialable to you. Even consult your Doctor. Experiance says we have more customers who have stopped using pills and moved to Vacurect. It take 60 secs and lasts as long as you want. Recommedation is to voluntary loose erection after 30 min

What is delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation occurs when a man has difficulty ejaculating. It may take longer than he’d like to ejaculate, even if he has a full erection and is sufficiently aroused and stimulated. The situation can cause distress to both the man and his partner. Doctors have advised Vacurect Pumps as one of the treatment methods

Does Vacurect Pump make the penis grow larger?

Debatable but Yes. Vacurect pump creates lowered air pressure, pulling in more blood into the penis giving a hard erection. This actually works as an exercise also for the undernourished and weak veins in the penis. The penis usually achieves a larger erection than usual, but this is only temporary for that moment. However studies have proved with regular use (even as an exerciser) this can stretch the tissues inside the penis a bit. Some studies report penis growth in some patient who used the pump regularly for longer periods of time, but this depends on individual patients.

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